Linda Sarsour a hard core Hamas Islamic Nazi terrorist who helps terrorists attack innocent Jews in Israel in suicide bombings slaughtering them every day has a brother pro-terror who works at IZZY SMOKEHOUSE 397 TROY CROWN HEIGHTS. HE IS THE MANAGER OF A GLATT KOSHER RESTAURANT. REMEMBER ARI HALBERSTAM A'H WHO WAS 16 YEAR OLD BUTCHERED SHOT WITH MACHINE GUN BROOKLYN BRIDGE BY PLO ARAB NAZIS??? He lived a few blocks away. CALL IZZY DEMAND THEY FIRE MR SARSOUR THE BROTHER OF HAMAS ISLAMIC NAZI TERRORIST LINDA SARSOUR. Izzy Smokehouse call them at 347-425-0524 demand they fire Mr. Sarsour!!! The owner is Sruli Edelman!!! Or call the brother of Jew killing terrorist enabler 347-512-5546 Mobilization Against Terror 212-252-3383

JDO leafleted in front of IZZY's SCHMUCK HOUSE RESTAURANT.
Maha, as he is known, came out and stated his sister Linda was a hero.


CHECK OUT http://izzyssmokehouse.org for more on Linda and Mohammad Sarsour

Linda Sarsour’s Brother Works In A Glatt Kosher Restaurant In Brooklyn

Mohammed Sarsour gets swept up in his sister’s controversy, as militant Jewish group calls for him to be fired. Talk about guilt by association. condensed from the JEWISH WEEK 6/14/17

Controversial Palestinian-American activist and Women’s March organizer Linda Sarsour generated a wave of press coverage after she was tapped by CUNY as a commencement speaker for one of its graduate schools. Now, her brother, who works at a popular Crown Heights kosher barbecue joint, is being caught up in her wake. The Jewish Defense Organization, a miltant group that posted fliers in Crown Heights demanding that the owner of the popular kosher restaurant Izzy’s Brooklyn Smokehouse fire Mohammed Sarsour for, in essence, being Sarsour’s brother. “Linda Sarsour[,] a hard core Hamas Islamic Nazi terrorist … has a brother pro-Hamas terror [sic] who works at Izzy [sic] Smokehouse. … Let us run him out now before it’s too late!!” the flier said. Mohammed Sarsour, known by many as Moe [actually Maha], has worked in the neighborhood for more than a decade. Before Izzy’s opened, Sarsour’s father owned a small market, called Linda’s, next door to where Izzy’s is now and where Sarsour has worked since his teens. The supermarket has since been sold and after Izzy’s opened up next door, Moe was hired. He was promoted to a manager position after a few months.

Izzy’s smokehouse, a popular smoked-meat joint in Crown Heights, Brooklyn where Moe Sarsour works. In 2015, Sarsour helped save the life of a man who was stabbed near his father’s store, according to a Facebook post by Linda Sarsour. Although they didn’t mention Sarsour by name, News 12 Brooklyn reported that a “quick-thinking shop worker” at a store at the corner of Troy Avenue and Montgomery Street, the location of Sarsour’s store, tended to the victim’s stomach wound and called 911. A.J. Weberman, a representative for the JDO, told The Jewish Week that the fliers were produced by “a more extreme part” of its organization but also insisted that they wouldn’t back down from their campaign against Sarsour. “He could be a sleeper agent waiting to be activated by Hamas,” Weberman said, offering no evidence. “It doesn’t make sense for him to work at a glatt kosher restaurant.” Weberman concluded that if Moe Sarsour wanted to work at a kosher restaurant “he should denounce Linda.”

Linda Sarsour is a leader of the BDS (boycott, divestment and sanctions) movement against Israel. Many Jews on the left praise the pro-Palestinian activist for her social justice work. But she is reviled by much of the right for her anti-Israel comments, such as her “Nothing is creepier than Zionism” tweet in 2012 and her 2015 tweet praising a young child walking towards IDF soldiers with a rock in each hand as “the definition of courage.” Yaacov Behrman, a Crown Heights community activist, told The Jewish Week that he is not a fan of Linda Sarsour, but that “Mohammed, on the other hand, seems to be a good guy. He has deep friendships in the Jewish community, and is well liked. The fact he turned out OK despite Linda actually speaks to his good character.”

Simcha Bard, 26, a Jewish Republican strategist who has known Sarsour for a few years, condemned the flier and said that “Linda Sarsour is problematic, Mohammed isn’t. Quite frankly, anything you might associate with Linda in any way shape or form, shouldn’t define her brother. Linda is fair game, but to attack Mohammed is truly unfair considering his decency and his record of public service, having saved a stabbing victim.” Bard added, “This is the first time I heard of Izzy’s Barbecue and because of this incident I am urging all my friends to support them.” The owner of Izzy’s, Sruli Edelman, and Mohammed Sarsour declined to comment.

In brief Linda Sarsour run Hamas Islamic Nazis terrorists in America. The father was PLO Arab Nazi terrorist. Now Mohammed Sarsour brother is high up in Hamas Islamic Nazi terrorists in Israel and he got 99 year sentence for bombing innocent Jews in Israel and Linda Sarsour calls him good man for it. Israel should have executed him for all Jews he bombed and shot. Linda Sarsour runs Hamas in America. Make no mistake this is what Hamas sympathizer Mohammed Sarsour said about his sister Linda Sarsour of Hamas "Linda Sarsour is a hero and I agree with all she has done." That is what Mohamed med Sarsour said 7 days ago. Now make no mistake a recent thing just like it happened in Canada with a real live Hamas Islamic Nazi terrorist got a job as janitor at Canadian Jewish Congress then at many synagogues as janitor and guess what Hamas guy did? He planted bombs at many synagogues and now the Hams terrorist’s sits for it. The head of CJC did not know the Arab janitor did not check him out. Now JDO spoke with head CJC that hired Hamas terrorist who did those bombings few months after he was hired. CJC director said I will check out all employees to keep out neo-Nazis or Hamas as janitor so we will have no more synagogues bombed again. Remember recently Lubavitich Yeshiva Mesivta was bombed Chicago at night, 2 Hamas Islamic Nazis were caught and charged for it few months ago. They mean to do terror and Izzie did not know any of this when they hired him .Now they do and they must be told I We will not eat there until you fire Linda Sarsour brother Mohammed Sarsour raised in PLO house to hate Jews pure and simple better safe than sorry.

This Linda Sarsour has become very dangerous the Israel and to American Jews. She knows that there is no way she can get away with advocating female genital mutilation in the PC atmosphere of the left so she ditches that for now waiting for the time the Muslims become a majority in America. She masquerades as a sharia law progressive and people are stupid enough to believe such a thing exists. She gets money from NYC. She does PR stunts like pay for the restoration of a cemetery hit by Jew haters to mask her true agenda.



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WANTED BY THE JEWISH DEFENSE ORGANIZATION Mohammad L Rahami Qasim Rahami Aziza Rahami Zobyedh


One of the Boston Marathon bombers traveled to Chechnya where he was taught how to construct a pressure cooker bomb. The Chelsea bomber traveled to Afghanistan and Pakistan where he was also taught to construct a pressure cooker bomb. When he returned he was a sleeper agent awaiting self activation.


Where did he construct these devices? He lived with his family. In all, the Mohammedian is linked to 10 explosive devices found in the region, including the two pressure-cooker bombs. HMTD is not easy to make You have to refrigerate it. Mohammad L Rahami knew his son was a terrorist and if he smelled something or saw something or heard something he didn't say a word about it. “Two years ago I go to the F.B.I. because my son was doing really bad, O.K.?” he said. “But they check almost two months, they say, ‘He’s O.K., he’s clean, he’s not a terrorist.’ I say O.K.” Mr. Rahami’s father made the statement about his son being a terrorist to New Jersey police in 2014, when Mr. Rahami was arrested after a domestic dispute and accused of stabbing his brother. The information was passed to the Joint Terrorism Task Force led by Federal Bureau of Investigation in Newark. Officers opened what is known as an assessment, the most basic of F.B.I. investigations, and interviewed the father, who then recanted. An official, when asked about the inquiry, said the father made the comment out of anger at his son. There were no traces of explosives in the apartment of the Boston Marathon bombers. There might not be any in home of the Chelsea bomber. Both could have been very careful. Look at the Boston Marathon bombers wife. She drove him to pick up fireworks in the middle of December, she was in the same apartment where the bombs were assembled but was not indicted. The Chelsea bombers wife split town just before the events which tells me the Muslima turd knew.

Or were Rahami's bombs assembled elsewhere? If so this means a wider ranging conspiracy. The feds can't have it both ways. His family should be locked up until he says where the bombs were made. But Obama's DOJ never does this even despite solid evidence such as this:

U.S. v. Ahmad Rahami Complaint by DNAinfoNewYork on Scribd

The traitors at the Center for Constituitional Rights Inspired by a settlement in New York City that included:

Prohibiting investigations in which race, religion or ethnicity is a substantial or motivating factor.

Requiring articulable and factual information regarding possible unlawful activity before the NYPD can launch a preliminary investigation into political or religious activity.

Requiring the NYPD to account for the potential effect of investigative techniques on constitutionally-protected activities such as religious worship and political meetings.

Limiting the NYPD’s use of undercovers and confidential informants to situations in which the information sought cannot reasonably be obtained in a timely and effective way by less intrusive means.

Putting an end to open-ended investigations by imposing presumptive time limits and requiring reviews of ongoing investigations every six months.

Installing a civilian representative within the NYPD with the power and obligation to ensure all safeguards are followed and to serve as a check on investigations directed at political and religious activities. The civilian representative must record and report any violations to the police commissioner, who must investigate violations and report back to the civilian representative. If violations are systematic, the civilian representative must report them directly to the judge in the Handschu case.

Removing from the NYPD website the discredited and unscientific Radicalization in the West report, which justified discriminatory surveillance, and affirming that the report is not and will not be relied upon to open or prolong NYPD investigations.

These Communists are attempting to tie the hands of police in New Jersey, the base of operation of the Chelsea bombers. These communists are so full of hate they want to create an atmosphere conducive to carrying out terrorist operations. They are Communists. They don't give a rats ass about civil liberties.

Center for Constitutional Rights and Chelsea Bombing by AJ Weberman on Scribd

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